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  • Windhager Biowin 2 Boiler

    Windhager Biowin 2 Boiler

    • 16 – 48 kW
    • Features: The brand new Biowin 2 is a top of range pellet biomass boiler operating at 94.4% efficiency with a minimum required footprint of just 1.5m.Fully equipped with a high quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and unique self- cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment, a cleaner burn and low maintenance required.
      7 Year warranty

    • Made in Austria
  • Okofen Pellematic

    Okofen Pellematic

    • 10 – 56 kW
    • Features: The original Pellet Boiler, with an adjustable output that can grow with the properties needs, Okofen is another high quality boiler with exceptional performance.
      5 Year warranty

    • Made in Austria
  • Palazzetti Boiler

    Palazzetti Boiler

    • 10 – 26 kW
    • Features: With a variety of attractive designs (Anita Pictured) and varying features, they provide a fantastic solution for smaller properties.
      2 Year warranty

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    • Made in Italy
  • Catfire Hamont Pellet & Chip Boiler

    Catfire Hamont Pellet & Chip Boiler

    • 100-500kw
    • Features: CATFire specialise in the manufacture of high quality commercial biomass boilers. They produce two ranges of high-efficiency boilers capable of burning wood chip, pellet, and a number of other fuels.
      7 Year warranty

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    • Made in Czech Republic
  • Evoworld Pellet & Chip Boiler

    Evoworld Pellet & Chip Boiler

    • 14 – 500 kW
    • Features: EvoWorld have been involved in the design and Manufacture of wood heating systems in Austria for over 20 years.They offer some of the best warranties in the business with a 10 year standard warranty on all parts (serviceable parts excluded)
      10 Year warranty

    • Made in Austria
  • Grant Aerona Air Source Heat Pump

    Grant Aerona Air Source Heat Pump

    • Features:

      • High COP’s sustainable at lower temperatures
      • MCS approved
      • R410a refrigerant
      • Built-in 3kW electrical backup
      • Adjustable feet
      • All models are single phase
      • Weather compensating control
      • Base tray heating element
      • 2 independent compressors (17.5kW and 21.5kW models)
      • Extendable condensate deflector (all models except 21.5kW)
      • Simple plumbing and electrical connections
      • 2 year product guarantee (subject to Terms & Conditions) 

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  • Grant Spira

    Grant Spira

    • 26 – 72 kW
    • Features: A highly efficient, low cost option for a commercial pellet installation. They can be installed in a cascaded system, so a higher capacity can be achieved with more boilers.
      5 Year warranty

    • Made in the UK
  • Grant Vecta

    Grant Vecta

    • 4 - 16 kW
    • Features: An ideal like for like replacement for an internal oil boiler, It has an operating efficiency of 95%, and a hopper capacity of 60 kg.
      5 Year warranty

    • Made in the UK
  • Hamworthy Herz Biomatic

    Hamworthy Herz Biomatic

    • 220kW – 500 kW
    • Features: The Herz BioMatic biomass boilers from Hamworthy provide practical and highly efficient heating and hot water generation using wood chips or wood pellets. They perfectly suited for larger buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals. 

    • Made in the UK
  • NIBE F1145

    NIBE F1145

    • Features: The latest generation NIBE ground source heat pumps are not only more efficient than previous models, but have also been designed for user friendly operation.

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  • NIBE F2040

    NIBE F2040

    • Features: The NIBE monobloc air source range consists of the new NIBE F2040-8kW, 12kW and 16kW for residential use
      • Inverter controlled compressor
      • Compact design
      • Cooling function
      • Built-in condensate water tray
      • Cascade options
      • MCS Approved

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  • Solar Thermal Heating Panel

    Solar Thermal Heating Panel

    • Features:

      The Grant Solar Thermal range includes a high efficiency flat plate collector, multifunctional controller with LCD display, in-roof, on-roof and flat-roof mounting arrangements, the unique Grant CombiSOL to integrate solar thermal with combination boilers and the Grant WinterSOL that provides a fully heated cylinder of hot water during periods of low thermal gain.

      Soak up the sun and reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions with Grant Solar Thermal water heating systems, featuring high efficiency, Keymark approved collectors and on-roof, in-roof and flat-roof mounting options.

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