Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal energy systems can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water needs.

Solar Thermal Systems

Logic's professional, MCS registered Renewables Department can design, order and install a solar thermal system in Cumbria for any domestic and commercial properties, either as a stand-alone project or in association with other renewable systems' installation. Our designs are insured, we're ready to help you save energy.

Energy from solar radiation is one of the best known forms of renewable energy. It’s free, usually plentiful in supply and available throughout the year – more in the summer months, less in winter. This energy is captured through the installation of solar panel technology.

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Solar thermal panels can provide up to 60% of a property’s daily hot water requirements throughout the year, though it is most efficient in the summer months.
  • Solar thermal systems are very low maintenance.
  • Solar power is renewable energy, panels can be flat or evacuated-tube type. They are an easy way of reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Sunlight is free energy, therefore helping to reduce hot water production costs. Panels will continue to function on cloudy days when sunlight is diffused.
  • It's much easier to get planning permission these days for solar panels. Your installation helps the County meet CO2 reduction targets.
  • Integration of Solar Panel arrays into DHW and with underfloor heating systems and heat pumps can easily be accommodated.
  • From plans, Logic Group can ensure the best choice of renewable energy system is specified to give you years of trouble-free use.

Your Solar Thermal questions answered

What is the difference between solar PV and solar thermal?

Whereas photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity, from sunlight, to be utilised around the home, solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy to heat water.

What is the expected life span of a solar thermal system?

Solar panel panels come with a warranty and the average life expectancy of a system can be around 20-25 years.

What size solar thermal panels would I need?

Logic will tailor a system to fit with your requirements, however to give you a rough idea of how many panels you might need: on average each person uses 50 litres of heated water per day. So a house is occupied by 4 people would require 2 large flat panels, supplying 100 litres per panel, to sustain a 200 litre hot water tank.