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Solar Thermal Installation - Initial Survey

Solar Thermal Installation - Initial Survey

Solar Thermal Installation Survey


The total costs of solar thermal installation chosen specifically for your circumstances depend on factors such as the: 

  • Size of your home. 
  • Your need for a cylinder.
  • Size and type of system being installed. 

You’ve probably already noticed that installations vary over a wide range. The only sure way to find out an accurate cost is to have an initial survey done. Logic charge £125 inc. VAT for this (payable on order) and if you go ahead the fee is deducted from your order.

Once booked a member of our team will contact you to arrange a survey.  **Please note due to high demand it maybe 3-4 weeks before we can get a surveyor to you. 

NOTE: Most conventional boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems. Your home is not compatible when you have a combination boiler without a hot water tank, however.

£ 125.00 
inc. VAT
Installation Details:
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