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Boiler Service

Having your boiler serviced annually helps you to maintain it in good working order and to prevent faults developing that could lead to gas leaks, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning as well as costly repairs. An annual service is also required by most manufacturers’ warranties.

Logic - Boiler Service

A boiler service by Logic will typically include:

  • Initial visual check
  • Operation of boiler to id?
  • Clarification of relevant operational settings
  • Inspection of integral operational components
  • Visual flue check / flue gas analysis
  • Removal of any debris within the boiler


A Powerflush involves flushing out your pipes and radiators with a mixture of water and chemicals to remove the sludge (mix of rust, limescale and similar) that can build up inside them over time. System filters may also be fitted to collect any residual debris left in the system. At the end of the procedure a chemical inhibitor is added to prevent the further build of sludge in the future.

A Powerflush can significantly increase the energy-efficiency of your Central Heating System helping you to save on your energy bills. Less sludge means that your Central System doesn’t have to work so hard and that there is a reduced risk of any leaks and resulting damage.

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