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Powerflush your Central Heating System

  • Boost heating efficiency and reduce energy bills
  • Reduce risk of boiler breakdown & leaks
  • Prevent blockages in pipes and radiators
  • Eliminate radiator cold spots
  • Can help with boiler noise

Having sludge, scale and other debris in your Central Heating System makes your boiler work harder and can increase your energy bills. It also increases the risk of boiler breakdown and leaks. Powerflushing enhances your system’s performance by removing sludge, scale and other debris.

As the name suggests, Powerflushing involves comprehensively flushing your Central Heating System. A Powerflush Unit or Pump is attached to the  system – ideally to the  pump head – and then used to systematically flush each system component clean.

Following a Powerflush it is best practice is to leave a chemical inhibitor circulating in your Central Heating system to prevent the further build up of sludge and scale. This can be complemented with the installation of a magnetic filter (see FAQ below) if not fitted already.

Powerflushing usually takes us 1/2 to 1 day depending on the system. We take great care to look after your home and all waste is carefully and safely drained away. To find out more call us on 001228 598000 for a free chat or request a quote.