STROM 14.4kw Electric Heat-only Boiler

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Upgrade your home's heating system with our efficient Heat Only Electric Boilers – a simplistic yet powerful solution tailored for compact spaces. Its design ensures versatility in placement, allowing you to optimise any available area.

Unlike its larger counterparts that come with built-in pumps and vessels, the Heat Only Boiler embraces simplicity, housing only the essential components. This unique feature provides the flexibility to install additional elements such as pumps externally, making it the preferred choice for locations with spatial constraints or when integrated pump and expansion systems are unnecessary.

Discover the Advantages:
✔ Flexible Placement: Install it virtually anywhere within your premises.
✔ Compact Design: Enjoy space-saving benefits without compromising performance.
✔ Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience minimal noise disruption.
✔ Simplified Mechanics: Benefit from a system with fewer moving parts.
✔ Safety Assured: Eliminate risks associated with Carbon Monoxide.

Transform your heating experience with our Heat Only Electric Boiler – where efficiency meets convenience.

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