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Renewable Energy Installations and Maintenance

We have been providing renewable energy services for over 20 years in Cumbria, North Lancashire and Dumfries & Galloway.


Renewable Heating and Electricity in Cumbria, North Lancashire and Dumfries & Galloway

Logic has years of experience installing and maintaining renewable heating and electricity systems. Let us help you meet your renewable energy needs and make your switch to a more sustainable heating system or power generation.

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Key factors to consider when choosing renewable heating or electricity

  1. Experience and expertise:     Logic has a proven track record of installing and maintaining renewable heating and electrical systems. We can advise you if the system you are looking at is right for you.
  2. Quality of products: Logic uses high-quality products from reputable manufacturers.   For more information on our product range ask to speak to one of our specialists
  3. Customer service: Logic believes that good customer service is key when it comes to renewable heating and electrical systems. Our specialists are responsive, professional, and willing to answer your questions.
  4. Price: It's important to consider the cost of the heating and electrical systems, as well as the cost of installation and ongoing maintenance. Logic's specialist advisors are here to ensure you're getting a fair deal.
  5. Certifications and accreditations: Logic is a company that is certified by relevant industry organisations and has a history of meeting high standards of quality and safety.
  6. Reputation: Check out Logic's online reviews from people that have used our services. Logic strives to maintain a good reputation as a sign of a trustworthy and reliable company.
  7. Environmental impact:  Consider the environmental impact of the heating or electrical system you're interested in.
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