STROM 14.4kW Single Phase Electric Combi Boiler

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Experience the advanced technology of the Strom 14.4kW Single Phase Electric Combi Boiler, designed for efficiency and convenience. This compact, whisper-quiet electric combi boiler features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, allowing for effortless control and monitoring of your heating system. The unit includes an integrated expansion vessel and pump, eliminating the need for a flue.

Utilizing innovative Serpentine heating element technology, this boiler is fully compatible with solar panels, making it a green energy choice. It is especially suited for properties located off the gas grid or in areas where traditional gas boilers are not an option.

With this Strom product, enjoy peace of mind with a 60-month manufacturer's warranty.

Key Features:

  • Strom Electric Combi Boilers offer space-saving solutions, providing hot water without requiring a large, external tank.
  • Please note: The flow rate of the water supply may be limited due to the compact size of the unit. For applications involving a bath, we recommend choosing a 3 phase unit.
  • Designed to be user-friendly for those familiar with Gas, Oil, or LPG boilers.
  • When paired with a Hot Water Cylinder and operating on Economy 10 tariffs, this Electric System Boiler offers a cost-effective alternative to Oil & LPG.
  • Ideal for replacing existing tank-based fuels in areas without gas availability.
  • Boasts a range of innovative features and benefits, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

✔ No flue required, providing flexible installation options
✔ Compact design allows for installation in various locations within your property
✔ Smaller footprint than most standard boilers
✔ Operates quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance
✔ Designed with minimal moving parts for long-lasting reliability
✔ Zero risk of Carbon Monoxide emissions, ensuring safety
✔ Intuitive Touch Screen operation for ease of use
✔ Comes with an integrated pump and expansion vessel
✔ Ideal for shower installations
❌ Not suitable for bath applications

Choose Strom for advanced heating solutions that combine efficiency, convenience, and innovation.

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